New Grille Options for the 2014-2015 Scion FRS

The Scion FRS is an economical sports coupe that is veered by the millennial market and is popular among young car building enthusiast. For this reason, T-Rex Grilles selected this platform and created a visually appealing framed wire mesh grille overlay. The grille installed results in a much sportier enhancement that is “Driven to Excite”.

The FRS is the US / Canadian version of the 86 series sports car. Jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru. It features a mid-set boxer engine, is rear wheel drive and the perfect candidate for vehicle performance & cosmetic upgrades like the wire mesh main grille (PART #: 54974 - Polished) paired with the side fog lamp overlays (PART #: 55974 - Polished). The main grille is sold separately from the 2 piece side pod grille kit and both are also available in black powder coated finish.



51974 Upper Class Main Grille
Black Powder Coat
54974 Upper Class Main Grille
Polished Stainless Steel
52974 2 PC Fog Lamp Side Grille
Black Powder Coat
55974 2 PC Fog Lamp Side Grille
Polished Stainless Steel

Upper Class Grille:  This bold looking grille enhances the Scion FRS with a sporty looking framed wire mesh grille and is easily installed as an overlay right over and onto the factory grille opening. Featuring a big mouth opening, you can highlight and distinguish your ride with this eye-catching grille upgrade containing a lot of metal..

What makes the T-Rex Upper Class Grille so special? Defined by the precision laser cut frame and featuring finely woven embedded mesh positioned within. The Upper Class process comes together to make a statement of luxury and style. The 304 stainless steel formed wire mesh features 4 squares per inch and replaces the stock main grill.


Like all T-Rex products, these grilles are crafted by our skilled design technicians and will appeal to nearly every customizers taste. Each grille can be installed in under an hour using common hand tools. These new Scion FRS T-Rex Grilles options will become an instant classic, featuring a perfectly proportioned and well-designed enhancement to the styling of this awesome little sports coupe.

Each T-Rex Grille is manufactured to exact tolerances in the U.S. for a perfect fit and finish every time. And all 2014-25 Scion FRS T-Rex Grilles come in a polished or black finish and are backed by an industry leading Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and 3 Year Limited Finish Warranty. Grilles are in stock and ready to ship!

For more information contact your nearest T-REX dealer or call T-REX Grilles directly at 800-287-5900.