New Grille Options for the 2016 GMC Sierra 1500

The new model GMC Sierra 1500 is a well-appointed full size pickup truck that boasts modern styling and commercial grade capabilities. To enhance the profile of this high end vehicle, T-Rex Grilles crafted a variety of grille options that purposefully upgrade this already great looking truck.

Full mouth grille inserts replace the factory flavor with custom character. Stylish grille overlays retain much of the OE features, but add the upgraded enhanced look with a simple easy-to-install upgrade. All T-Rex Grilles are made with high quality material and come with finishes that are guaranteed for 3 years which include polished stainless steel, and black powder coating.

Grille styles include formed wire mesh with contrasting chrome studs, all black powder coated grilles with blacked out studs and badging, grilles with built-in LED lights, and bold looking laser cut billet steel for that classic heavy duty look. There really is a perfect upgrade available to gratify everyone.

Take a look below to see the 2016 Sierra 1500 T-Rex grille collection.


6312131 - Torch - Replacement - 30" LED
Main Grille - X-Metal Badge and Chrome Studs
6312131-BR - Stealth Torch - Insert - 30" LED
Main Grille - All Blacked Out w/ Black Studs

Torch Series: This new Torch Main Grille is precision formed of heavy duty wire mesh with 12 gauge framed construction and and encloses a ZROADZ LED Light Bar. The integrated LED Lighting component is secure with hidden mounting brackets for superior fit and finish. These one-piece wire mesh grilles are distinguished by a flat black powder-coated finish and directly replaces your stock grille.

What makes the T-Rex Torch Grilles so special? Our Torch Series Grilles are built with form and most definitely function in mind. The integrated LED Lighting features makes the Torch Series Grilles an intelligent and reasonable upgrade for your vehicle. The added safety offered by the powerful LED Lighting components cannot be ignored. Additionally, we powder-coat the complete assembly semi-gloss black for a no nonsense look that will compliment any style. By upgrading your vehicle with something that serves a purpose, the T-Rex Torch Grille will be your new favorite addition.




6712130 - Polished Stainless Steel
Main Grille Insert
6712130 - Polished Stainless Steel
Main Grille Insert
6712131 - Black w/ Chrome Studs
Main Grille Insert
6712131-BR - All Black w/ Black Studs
Main Grille Insert

X-Metal Series: These new X-Metal Grilles are ultra-sleek and enhances the outline of this vehicle. The one-piece direct replacement  grille is formed with heavy duty wire mesh featuring 4 squares per inch and is offered in polished 304 stainless steel or a flat black powder-coated finish. All X-Metal Grilles are available as STEALTH METAL with all black studs and black badging. These STEALTH METAL Grille part #s can be identified by adding -BR to any X-Metal Part #.

What makes the T-Rex X-Metal Grilles so special? Our X-Metal Series Grilles are unique in style and form. The exclusive X-Metal Studs makes this grille so eye catching that it is likely the first element to be noticed while on the road. They are available in a flat black powder-coat or polished 304 Stainless Steel. What this means to you, is the T-Rex X-Metal Grille presents an aggressive attitude that will definitely add a distinctive character to your vehicle.

Upper Class Series:  Four different designs of framed woven wire mesh grilles offered for this great new truck model. One of the highlighting features us that these grilles retain or accommodates the factory bow tie badging emblem with one extra step during install. Featuring a big mouth opening, you can highlight and distinguish your ride with this eye-catching grille upgrade containing a lot of metal.

What makes the T-Rex Upper Class Grille so special?  Defined by the precision laser cut frame and featuring finely woven embedded mesh positioned within. The Upper Class process comes together to make a statement of luxury and style. The 304 stainless steel formed wire mesh features 4 squares per inch and replaces the stock main grill.




6202131 w/ Logo Cutout Provision
Main Grille Insert - Black Powder Coated

Billet Series: These Grilles are distinguished by a highly polished high-sheen face or as flat black powder-coated finish. The billet grilles are easily installed as an insert or as an overlay over the factory grille opening. This makes for a very nice kit with a quick and inexpensive installation.

What makes the T-Rex Billet Grilles so special? Precision formed billet aluminum offers our designers unique opportunity to perfectly match the contours of the vehicle and space available. This innovative look offers bold traditional styling and definition. Shaped and cut to match the contours of the vehicle and space available, the T-Rex Billet Series Grilles offer just the right design to obscure the engine compartment and OE parts that show behind narrower, traditionally styled grilles. The result is an aggressive appearance that sets the mood of this awesome new pickup truck. Finally, we powder-coat the complete assembly flat black and polish the front-face for our polished line. The T-Rex Billet Grille presents fresh, clean grille lines that add a distraction-free and "finished" look to your vehicle.

Like all T-Rex products, these grilles are crafted by our skilled design technicians and will appeal to nearly every customizers taste. Each grille can be installed in under an hour using common hand tools. These new 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 T-Rex Grilles options will become an instant classic, featuring a perfectly proportioned and well-designed enhancement to the styling of this iconic vehicle. Replacing your factory grille with the T-Rex styled grille will make your truck show your personal taste and style.

Each T-Rex Grille is manufactured to exact tolerances in the U.S. for a perfect fit and finish every time. And all 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 T-Rex Grilles come in a polished, black, or stealth finishes and are backed by an industry leading Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and 3 Year Limited Finish Warranty. Grilles are in stock and ready to ship!

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