Chances are you have seen the new multi-purpose vans around your town. More efficient, larger load capacity, increased ergonomics are all positive improvements but some will say the European styling that these vans have inherited may be less than desirable.

T-Rex Grilles has stepped in with the popular designs that will improve the profile of your Ford Transit and get you looking sharp for work.

No matter if you are Charlie the Chauffeur, Paul the Plumber, Eric the Electrician, Daniel the Delivery Driver; T-Rex Grilles has designed a grille type that will professionally upgrade your Transit Van work vehicle and better promote your business footprint.


Observably, these vans are purpose driven for work. Presented in the correct light, the vehicle can serve as a large mobile billboard to promote said business & brand to a large potential customer audience while on the roads and highways. Boost your vehicle’s road going professional presence with a T-Rex Grille and it just might give your business a boost too.